SDL, a major commercial outdoor lighting manufacturer

As a commercial outdoor lighting manufacturer, SDL is specialized in designing and manufacturing

outdoor landscape lighting products such as decorative parking lot lights, street lights, pendant lights, area lighting lights,

wall washersexterior LED mini-projectorsbollard lights, light columns, poles and bracket.  

Outdoor lighting manufacturer

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Pure Muralia 2 Steele Pure series


SDL can adapts to all styles of architectural environments

Whether being a decorative parking lot lighting, a modern or historic area, a pedestrian path or other commercial exterior lighting products, SDL as the perfect lighting solution for your projects. For any outdoor urban, commercial, decorative, architectural lighting or LED lighting, SDL has the landscape lights product that will suit your needs. 

SDL has acquired over the years, a remarkable reputation for the quality of its outdoor lights products as well as for its service.

Whatever your need, we would love to be your lighting resource.
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